The next sUAS Check Ride / Training Day will be held at Hutchinson’s CAP building on June 24th from 9am to 2pm.
This is your chance to start or continue working on your sUAS qualifications.
Here are the qualifications you can earn in the order we work with you on them:

sUAS Recreational Pilot – Can fly demo, training, and proficiency flights.

To be eligible to take a Form 70-5U Flight Eval and earn a “sUAS Recreational Pilot” rating you must have the following completed before you arrive:

  • FAA Trust Test (
  • CAPR 70-1 sUAS Flight Exam in AXIS within 60 days before the 70-5U Flight
  • Complete the Statement of Understanding in Ops Quals under Prerequisites
  • Fill out the appropriate CAPF 70-QU Aircraft Questionnaire.  This can be done onsite.

sUAS Technician – The observer/scanner of the sUAS world.  Assistant to the sUAS Mission Pilot.

To earn your sUAS Technician Qualification you need to have the following items complete before you arrive:

  • General Emergency Service Qualification
  • Complete ICUT
  • Complete FEMA’s IS-100, IS-200, IS-5a, IS-700, and IS-800 Courses
  • Complete the Aircrew Professionalism Course in AXIS
  • Complete CAP Test 117 ES Continuing Education Exam – Part 2 in AXIS
  • The rest of the training, we can conduct onsite.

sUAS Mission Pilot – Can fly all CAP sUAS missions.

To be eligible to take a Form 70-91U (Mission Pilot Flight Check) you must have completed the following:

  • Earned a FAA Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot Commercial License
  • Completed all items on the SQTR For sUAS Mission Pilot in Ops Quals (can be done onsite)
  • Have documentation of 7.5 hours of logged sUAS flight time.

sUAS Instructor – Can instruct others in all aspects of CAP sUAS flying.

You need to meet the following requirements:

  • Earned a FAA Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot Commercial License
  • Qualified sUAS Recreational Pilot
  • Pass a CAPF70-5U Flight Check with an Instructor Endorsement

sUAS Check Pilot – Can conduct CAP Form 70-5U and 70-91U check rides

You will need the following requirements met:

  • sUAS Mission Pilot
  • CAP sUAS Instructor
  • Complete the National Check Pilot Standardization Course in AXIS
  • Have 15 hours of sUAS Pilot in Command Time (can include instruction of others once a qualified Instructor)
  • Pass a CAPF 70-5U Flight Check with a Check Pilot Endorsement.

There are additional training requirements than those listed above, but these are the prerequisites to start training and generally the hardest parts.  If you have these prerequisites done before you arrive, we can help you with the rest onsite and usually get you at least one more level of qualification each training day.

If you have questions about this training or how to earn other qualifications, feel free to reach out to myself or Maj Tom Fitzhenry, Wing sUAS Director.

To register please follow this link:

Due to space limitations, we are limiting this to the first 15 people who register.  More dates to come this summer if you can’t make this one.

Bring a $10 for lunch as we’ll bring something in (Probably pizza or sandwiches).  Uniform is any appropriate CAP uniform for outside field work.  ABUs, Blue BDUs, Golf Shirt, Flight Suit are all fine.

Lt Col Chet Wilberg
Minnesota Wing sUAS Check Pilot Examiner
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
(M) 612-418-2333