2024 StellarCamp Registration is now open!

What is StellarCamp?

Think of this program as a StellarX “bootcamp.”
You get a peek at topics and challenges seen in the National Space STEM Design Competition.
Students who complete the camp will have the foundational knowledge and skills to be successful in StellarX. However, joining the StellarX team is not required.

Some topics you’ll cover:

  • Why go to space?
  • Circular Orbits and Orbit Determination How to determine the best one using STK software and the Classical Orbital Elements
  • Launch Vehicles – History, types of launch vehicles and how to select one to accomplish the mission
  • Satellite Components – how to build one to accomplish the mission
  • Elliptical Orbits – visualizing them in STK and calculating mission access time
  • StellarCamp Challenge – mission challenge on the final day!

Cadets who come to StellarCamp will learn a lot to help them be on a StellarX team — but participation in StellarX is not required of campers.

This 5-day camp runs half-days, Mon-Fri from 8am-12pm.

Who can participate
Anoka cadets interested in space exploration, math, physics, computers and what StellarX is all about.
Cadets who will be in grades 9-12 in Fall 2024 are the best fit for this camp.
We are limiting this camp to 10 students.

Why should I (or my cadet) attend StellarCamp?
Because this is a unique opportunity you cannot get anywhere else in MN.

Anoka has been participating in StellarX for the last 7 years.
Every year, we’ve been a National Semifinalist team.
For StellarX V, we were National Finalists.

We want to help more cadets learn about this unique competition program and grow our StellarX program now and in the future — because it’s SO much fun for cadets AND a great way to have fun in the space exploration arena!

Our current StellarX cadet team will be there to instruct and learn with you!

BONUS: Cadets who attend this camp will complete ALL the required hours to earn the CAP Cadet STEM Badge.

Give me the details — where, when, cost, etc

June 24-28, 2024
Monday-Friday from 8am-11:30am
Anoka Squadron Building
Cost: $15 per student due upon arrival on the first day.

Deadline to register: June 5, 2024 or when all 10 student slots are filled

Anything else I should know? 
Registrants will be asked if you have a personal computer (PC) Windows laptop that you can bring to camp.
You are not required to have a PC computer to attend camp; but this info helps us best prepare.

How do I register?
Fill out this Google Form as your registration.
Once it’s reviewed, you’ll receive an email from Lt Col Albright if your spot at camp is confirmed.

Questions: Email Lt Col Albright