Unit Member Dues

Annual Dues Schedule

Unit Member Annual Dues Payable June 1 – 30 (also applies to January – June registrations)
All current members pay annual dues in the month of June.
New Members pay prorated dues based on the month they join and pay annual dues thereafter.

Annual Renewal (or joining April-June)
Cadet $36
Senior Member (SM) $48
Maximum Family Dues $100
Cadet Sponsors, 50-year Members and Patron Members $0

Joining July-September
Cadet $27
Senior Member $36

Joining October-December
Cadet $18
Senior Member $24

Joining January-March
Cadet $9
Senior Member $12

Dues cover the cost of operating expenses, i.e. utilities at our squadron building and hangar rent for our CAP aircraft, all of which approximated $8400/year last year; this does not include our programming expenses.

We’re grateful for the success of our recent fundraising efforts; however membership support through dues and donations is needed to operate.
To maintain our squadron, we welcome additional donations.

Submit your dues online through a secure payment platform on the MN Wing website by 30 June.
This is the same platform used to register for Wing Activities.
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal are accepted.

Click here to get started

  1. Enter your CAP ID in the CAP Members section. Click Next.
  2. Under Registration options, select the appropriate Annual Renewal: Cadet or SM
  3. Click Submit Application. You’ll be redirected to a payment screen to complete payment

If you have questions or a particular circumstance or hardship you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Maj Kenny directly at anokacapcommander@gmail.com.