New Member Journey

Everyone explores Civil Air Patrol before deciding to join.   All prospective cadet and senior members must attend a minimum of three (3) meetings before requesting a New Member Board.  We want you understand more about the organization so you can make an informed decision about joining.

Once you’ve had your New Member Board, the New Member Journey for cadets and seniors progress a bit differently.
Find your path below.

New Cadet Path

Step 1: New Member Board
At your New Member Board, you share a little about yourself and your goals and learn the expectations Anoka has for cadets.

Here’s what you’ll hear at the New Member Board.

You’ll leave the board with:

New Cadet Guide – Oct 2016 Uniform Addendum.
Anoka Cadet Promotion Policy and Uniform Guidance
First Promotion Worksheet for Ach 1

Ideally, bring a form of government issued ID to the board so it can be reviewed by senior staff.
Acceptable forms of ID include: birth certificate, Social Security Card, driver’s license, driver’s permit, passport.
We do not need to keep your ID; just review it.

Step 2: Complete the Online Member Application
Visit and complete the online membership application with your parents.
This includes the $37 annual dues payment to CAP National Headquarters.
Your application will stay in a Pending status until your ID has been reviewed.

Step 3: Bring form of government issued ID and take note on squadron annual dues.
If your ID hasn’t been reviewed yet, please bring it in to the next meeting.
Once your ID has been reviewed, the command authority will approve your application and you will receive your CAPID number.

Note on Squadron Annual Dues:
All Anoka members will pay annual squadron dues in the month of June.
Cadets: $36
Seniors: $48

New members pay prorated dues their first year depending on the time of year joined and then annual dues in June thereafter.

Annual Renewal or Joining Apr-June
Cadets – $36
Seniors – $48
Cadet Dues – Joining Jul-Sept = $27

Senior Dues – Joining Jul-Sept = $36

Cadet Dues – Joining Oct-Dec = $18

Senior Dues – Joining Oct-Dec = $24

Cadet Dues – Joining Jan-Mar = $9
Senior Dues – Joining Jan-Mar = $12



Congratulations! You are now a Civil Air Patrol Cadet!  Now what?

Read on, but also use the Help For New Cadets from CAP National Headquarters.
Please be sure to watch the short video intro on Promotions and eServices.

Step 4: Request Uniform Items
Anoka will issue the ABU blouse and pants if we have your size in stock.
If we don’t have your size, you are responsible for those items.
Ultimately, all uniform items are the responsibility of the member.

Please see Supply Officer or one of the Supply Cadet Staff at the squadron meeting for assistance and questions.
The Supply Room is staff 1800-1900 on Tuesdays or by appointment only
See Uniform Policies and First Steps.

Step 5: Order your Uniform Items from Vanguard.
See Uniform Policies and First Steps for suggested items.

Step 6: Login to eServices to start your training
eServices is located at
You’ll need to set up your account.

Step 7: Complete OPSEC
Once you login for the first time, you’ll be prompted to complete Operational Security, or OPSEC, training.
Because we are part of the Air Force organization, you must complete this before moving forward.

Step 8: Access Cadet Online Training through Cadet Interactive
In eServices, navigate to Cadet Programs>Cadet Online Testing then click on the GO TO AXIS button
Cadets complete most Leadership and Aerospace Education training modules or exams online in AXIS.

For Achievement 1, you’ll only have to complete the Leadership component covering Learn to Lead Chapter 1.
Complete one of the following:
– Learn to Lead Chapter 1 – Cadet Interactive Module (recommended)
– Learn to Lead Chapter 1 – Test

Cadet Interactive modules are interactive with built-in knowledge checks that are correctable to 100% with no time limit.
Cadet Tests are typically 25-question multiple choice exams with a 30-minute time limit. 80% is required to pass. If you don’t pass, there’s a mandatory 7-day waiting period until the test re-opens.

All online exams (except milestones) are open-note, open-book.
Take notes and be prepared by reading and understanding the objectives for each chapter.

Step 9: Complete online Cadet Wingman Course
This is the Character Development requirement for the first promotion.
Go to this page on our website here:
Watch the video and take the quiz.
When you pass the quiz, I will be notified so you receive credit.

Step 10: Review Promotion Requirements
See the Cadet Super Chart or review Stripes to Diamonds on
Ask your flight staff to help you understand what you need to earn cadet promotions.
Remember that Anoka has promotion board requirements at certain achievements.
Review Promotion Policies so you are aware.

NEXT: Expand your horizons
Outside cadet promotions, there are other areas to learn and grow.
We encourage all cadets to complete General Emergency Services (GES) and Aircraft Ground Handling Training as soon as possible.
These training items help you be prepared for CAP activities AND help the squadron maintain a high level of excellence and preparedness.
These pieces are accessible in eServices in the Learning Management System section.

Congratulations!  You’re off to a great start!

Want to learn more? Check out the suggested Cadet Career Activity Path (coming soon)

New Senior Member Journey

Step 1: New Member Board
Complete your conversation with the senior member committee.  Get yourself fingerprinted at the squadron and fill out a copy of the Senior Member Application Form.  Get your application signed by the commander.

Step 2: Mail in your application package
Mail your application, fingerprint card and check for $67 made out to CAPNHQ to the address on the application form.  An FBI background check will be conducted based on your application package.  Once completed and approved, you’ll become a member and be assigned a CAPID. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete.


Congratulations! You’re now an official Senior Member of CAP!  Now what?


Step 3:  Sign in to eServices. Complete OPSEC.
eServices is where most online training for CAP is conducted.  It’s located at  Set up your account and login. You’ll be prompted to complete Operational Security, or OPSEC, training.  Because we are part of the Air Force organization, this is required.  It takes 10-15 minutes to complete the short video and slide show training.

Step 4: Complete Level 1 Professional Development Training
All new Senior Members are required to complete Level 1: Orientation to Civil Air Patrol training.  This training is comprised of several short modules, each with a short quiz (less than 10 questions).  Most modules are short slide shows and/or videos.  Once you complete all modules, you’ll have a summary conversation with a Professional Development Officer who will approve completion of the training.

To access Level 1 training, login to eServices at
In the navigation on the left, select Online Learning>Learning Management System
Level 1 will be the first option to select in the center of the screen.

Step 5: Complete Cadet Protection Course for Seniors – Basic
All Senior Members are required to complete Cadet Protection training.  This course is a short slide deck with a short quiz.  Once complete, you’ll have a summary conversation with a Professional Development Officer who will approve completion of the training.

To access Cadet Protection Course for Seniors, navigate to the Learning Management System.  This course will appear at top center.

Step 6: Specialty Track and Duty Assignments
Part of completing Level 1 is deciding which Specialty Track(s) and Duty Assignment(s) are interesting to you. This will involve a conversation with the Professional Development Officer and a member of the senior Command Staff.

Congratulations!  You’ve gotten yourself off to a great start as a Civil Air Patrol Senior Member.
As you continue to explore, please let your command staff know if you have questions or want to learn about something new.  We’re glad you’re here!