The Minnesota Wing Conference brings in members from throughout the wing, region and beyond.
Apr 19-21. 2024
Cragun’s Resort
Brainerd MN
What is Wing Conference and why should I go?
Each year, every Wing has a conference with:

  • General Sessions for announcements and wing-wide recognition
  • Learning Sessions across all topics – for seniors and cadets
  • Networking – meet others from across the wing
  • Awards Banquet
  • Military Ball.

Anoka has many cadets and seniors who have been nominated for Wing Awards.
It’s a great time to attend and support your fellow wingmen.

When is Wing Conference?
April 19-21, 2024

What do you do at Wing Conference?

  • Meet cadets and seniors from around the Wing and North Central Region
  • Learn from CAP experts on a variety of topics
  • Learn what’s happening with CAP around the Wing, Region and Nation
  • Annual Awards – See who the best of the best are in the entire Wing
  • VIPs from around the wing, region and nation
  • Military Ball – after the banquet stay for the dance

Cadet Session Topics include:

  • How to Build an Award Winning Color Guard/Cadet Competition Team
    The 2023 MNWG Color Guard team from St Cloud Squadron will share actionable tips and strategies to build a successful competition team program at your squadron.
  • Cadet Advisory Council: A Live Session with the CAC
    What is the CAC? How does it work? What do you do as a CAC representative? Attend this LIVE CAC meeting so you can see the Cadet Advisory Council in action. 
  • Aviation Careers 101
    Aviation is more than being the pilot of an airplane. Learn about the different aviation careers that you could pursue in civilian and military life and what you can do as a cadet right now to set yourself up for any successful career in an aviation field. 
  • Cadet Commander & Cadet Executive Staff Crash Course
    Do you want to serve your squadron as a Cadet Commander? Or be on Cadet Executive Staff? This seminar will serve as a “crash course” for current, new, and up-and-coming Cadet Executive Staff members so you can feel better prepared for your term.
  • Demystifying SDAs: How Easy It Really Is
    This session is ideal for soon-to-be and current cadet officers. Learn how easy the Staff Duty Analysis (SDA) requirements for promotion really are from a former Spaatz cadet. Walk through each of the technical documents with actionable items to help you be successful in this promotion requirement.
  • How to Earn Your Spaatz Award
    Many cadets want to earn the Spaatz Award, but do you know how to cross the finish line? In this session, hear from C/Col Botkin on how to set yourself up for success, what you can do right now to prepare and how to stay on track to reach this goal.


STEM Interactive Programming with Spintronics
Facilitated by Anna Riechers, Director of Outreach from Upper Story
Come experiment with the first mechanical equivalent of electronics ever built. Instead of wires, Spintronics uses chains, and every electronic part has its spintronic counterpart. Players feel the pull of voltage and see the flow of current as they discover electronics in a tangible and deeply intuitive way–without using any electronics! Build all sorts of crazy contraptions with us and you’ll never see electronics the same way again!  .

There are more sessions available across all CAP missions.
See this page to find the link to ALL BREAKOUT SESSIONS:

Agenda Overview

Friday, April 19
1300-1700 1st Aid Training Class
1300-1700 Senior Member Education & Training: Level 2 Part 2

1500-1800 Registration Open
1930 – 2130 Cadet/Senior Socials

Saturday, April 20
0700 – 0800 – Conference Check-in
0700 – 0800 – Breakfast – buffet ticket available when register or on your own
0800 – 1030 – General Assembly – all members and guest
1030 – 1200 – Split – Cadet General Assembly/Senior Member General Assembly
1200 – 1300 – Lunch – Lunch buffet ticket available when registering or on your own
1200 – 1300 – CAC/CAC alternate Lunch – sign up when registering
1300 – 1550 – Breakout sessions – three, one-hour session. Schedule coming soon.
1600 – 1700 – Town Hall – Commander Q&A
1730 – 1800 – Senior Social / Cadet Social – rooms to be announced
1815 – 2100 – Banquet and Awards
2100 – 0000 – Military Ball

Sunday, April 21
0700 – 1100 – Breakfast – buffet ticket available when register or on your own
0830 – 0915 – Group CC Call
0930 – 1030 – MN Wing CC Call

Where is Wing Conference?
Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd, MN
Approximately 2.5-hour drive from the Twin Cities.
Visit the registration website to reserve rooms.

What is the cost to attend the conference?

Early Bird Registration ends on March 10: $40
Standard Registration March 11-April 2: $50

These costs do not include meals or hotel rooms
Meals are a la carte and must be ordered at the time of registration.
Cadets are required to attend the banquet which is $40.

Therefore, the minimum cost for a cadet to attend the conference is $80 plus hotel.
(Early bird registration and required awards banquet)

Oftentimes, cadets choose to stay 4 to a hotel room to reduce the per person costs.
(Standard room is $117/night. Four cadets for two nights = $58 total per cadet for the weekend)

What are the meal costs from Cragun’s?
Breakfast is $26
Lunch is $37
Awards Banquet is $40 (Cadets are required to attend the banquet)

Can I bring my own food for breakfast and lunch? 

Can we bring guests (non-members)?
Yes. Guests can attend this event by filling out a non-member application.

Are there any special requirements for cadets to register for the conference?
Parents need to fill out the registration form with their cadets online. There is an electronic parent permission section to complete.

What is the dress code for this event?
Friday – casual
Saturday – Blues/White Aviator or appropriate professional civilian alternative for those without a uniform for the morning and afternoon schedule.

Banquet attire:
This is a formal banquet.
Male members – Blues, Corporate Service Dress or civilian jacket and tie or shirt and tie
Female members – Blues, Corporate Service Dress or evening wear

Suggested dress for guests:
Male guests – jacket and tie or shirt and tie
Female guests – evening dress or suit

I’m ready to register.  Now what?
Go to this link to get started:

How do cadets handle hotel room registration, roommates, paying for a room, etc?
Once cadets have identified roommates, squadron leadership must have accountability to know which cadets are rooming with whom.

  • Cadet reservations must be made by a parent or guardian
  • An adult CAP member needs to check cadets into their rooms with the Cragun’s front desk when the cadets arrive at the resort (payment may remain on the parent/guardian credit card)
  • Adult CAP members can only stay in a room with other adults or their own family members
  • Cadets cannot stay with non-family, adult CAP members
  • A  CAP senior member must be identified as person in charge for any cadets in attendance.
  • Squadrons shall provide to the conference staff, a rooming list indicating: Cadets, room numbers, SM in charge.

There are Cadet Protection Requirements for Hotel-Based events
(review CAPR 60-2, Sec 2.7.5 “Hotel based events”)

Please fill out this Google Form with the list of cadet roommates.
1 person can fill this out per room

Book your room at