The Air Force has provided funding for cadets who have not yet attended Encampment to get those Encampment fees provided for.

Basically, this is your chance to go to Encampment for FREE.

But funds will be approved on a first come, first served opportunity.
PLEASE take the time to fill out an application ASAP.

We have 40+ cadets who have yet to attend Encampment.  I’d love for each and every one of you to go to Encampment this year.  And now CAP and the USAF are helping you with the funding.

Here’s the link to the information about this program:

Here’s the link directly to the application instructions:

Cadets – Login to eServices and submit your application ASAP so you can have the best chance of getting your Encampment paid for.

Parents – thanks for supporting your cadets in this endeavor.

Important Note: Please email Capt Wolfgram and Maj Albright to let us know you’ve submitted a CEAP application.
The squadron has to approve your application before it goes to CAPNHQ.  
Unfortunately, eServices does not give us any notification that your application is there.   By giving us a head’s up, we can approve more quickly and get your application up to national.