Next staff rotation is Dec 5, 2017-May 29, 2018

Important Dates:

Please place all these dates on your calendar, especially the required cadet staff training.

Oct 15 – Cadet Exec Staff Applications Open
Oct 22 – Cadet Exec Staff Applications Close
Oct 24 – Cadet Exec Staff Interviews during the Tues. Mtg
Oct 28 – Cadet Exec Staff Planning Session 9am-11am w/Maj Albright ***Required for Exec Staff*** Google Calendar 

Nov 5 – Remaining Cadet Staff Applications Open
Nov 12 – Cadet Staff Applications close at 8pm
Nov 13 – Cadet Staff Interview times assigned
Nov 18 – Cadet Staff Interviews 9am-12pm @ Squadron Bldg Google Calendar 

Dec 2 – Incoming Cadet Staff Training 9am-11am – Required*** Google Calendar 
Dec 5 – First Meeting for New Cadet Staff