We’re pleased to announce the incoming cadet staff that have been selected for the next term. They’ll rotate in after the June 13th Change of Command.

Aerospace Education: C/SSgt Yelizar Dergachev
Emergency Services: C/A1C Lydia Wilson
Recruiting & Retention: C/A1C Ainsley Durand

First Sergeant: C/SMSgt Levi Voit

There will be 5 flights starting in June.
Alpha will remain for NCOs and above
Bravo, Charlie and Delta will be Airmen Phase flights with mixed groups of Amn, A1C and SrA.
Echo, our most important flight, will remain the training flight.

Alpha Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Cameron Dahlstrom

Bravo Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Iva Hammitt
Bravo Flight Sergeant: C/TSgt Lucas Malinski

Charlie Flight Commander: C/MSgt Alex Clark
Charlie Flight Sergeant: C/MSgt Caleb Brostrom

Delta Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Carter Dahlstrom
Delta Flight Sergeant: C/SSgt Dayne Carlson

Echo Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Evan McNair
Echo Flight Sergeant: C/A1C Blake Mattick

Thank you for committing your time and talents to serve the Anoka Composite Squadron for the next term.

Cadet Executive Staff
– C/Capt Vivier, Cadet Commander
– C/CMSgt Jacobson, Deputy Cadet Commander
– C/CMSgt Doble, Cadet Executive Officer