This message was sent to all Anoka Members on July 5, 2023

Anoka will be holding a Rocketry Badge Workshop to complete Stages 1 and 2 on Sat. July 22 from 9am-12pm at the squadron building.
Registration is required and limited to 20 cadets. 

What is the Rocketry Badge?

It’s the largest badge you can wear on your Blues uniform.
It signifies you have completed all 3 stages of the basic Rocketry program.

What are the 3 stages:
Phase I: Redstone – build 2 non-solid fuel rockets
Phase II: Titan – build and launch a single-stage rocket
Phase III: Saturn – build and launch a multi-stage or payload rocket

Each stage has a required online exam that must be passed to complete the phase.

Where do I take the exam? UPDATED
Online in AXIS eServices at
In the left Menu, select Online Learning>Learning Management System
Click on GO TO AXIS
Search the Course Catalog for Model Rocketry and take

  • Model Rocketry – Stage 1 Redstone Test 
  • Model Rocketry – Stage 2 Titan Test 
  • Model Rocketry – Stage 3 Saturn Test 

The exams are 10 questions, multiple choice.
You must get 70% to pass. It is open note, open book.

Is there a book on Model Rocketry to help me study and prepare?
Yes!  It’s important you read the Phase 1: Redstone section before the workshop
Link to PDF on Model Rocketry.

What materials do I need to provide as a cadet participant:
The squadron will provide materials for Phase I for the workshop.
The squadron will provide a single-stage rocket kit for Phase II for the workshop

NOTE: Anoka only has enough single stage rocket kits for 20 participants.
Registration is required.

All cadet participants must acquire a multi-stage or payload rocket on their own.  
Locally, see Hobby Lobby.  Or order online.

When do you we make our rockets?
Rocketry class and workshop is set for Sat. July 22 from 9am-12pm at the squadron building.
If you want to earn the Rocketry Badge this year, you need to sign up to attend the workshop

Feel free to bring your 2-stage or payload rocket as well.
We cannot guarantee you’ll complete all building requirements during this workshop; it’s very dependent on your workstyle and the rockets you plan to build.

When do we launch our rockets?
TENTATIVELY Sat. Aug 12 from 1-3pm at Centennial Elementary School.
We are working on securing this location as our launch site.
All participants will be notified once our launch site is confirmed.

Senior Members — I’m looking for 1-2 to be at the workshop on July 22 and help with launch operations on Aug 12
Please reply if you can help for one or both events.