From Wing Announcements: MLA Cadet Staff Applications are open through Aug 11 at 2000

Applications for the 2023 MN Leadership Academy (MLA) Cadet Staff are now open. We are in need of multiple staff members, so I encourage you to apply. MLA is a great opportunity to further your leadership development, mentor fellow cadets, as well as make and foster friendships. All staff selected will work under the direction of the executive team which includes:

ATS (Airman Training School)

  • Major Ryan Kenny
  • C/Col Lillian Glover

NCOS (Non Commissioned Officers School)

  • Chief MSgt John Vanderhoof
  • C/Capt Lake Pringle

BCOC (Basic Cadet Officers Course)

  • Major Marybeth Slocumb
  • BCOC Cadre: C/Capt Alayna Schwab, C/Col Jacob Helvick, and C/LtCol Emma Scholes

Mission Support Officer

  • Captain Heike Dodge
  • C/Capt Anna Stambaugh

Cadet Staff Needed:

  • Cadet Admin Officer
  • Cadet Duty Officer(s)
  • Cadet PAO(s)
  • Cadet Airman Training School (ATS) Seminar Leaders
  • Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS) Seminar Leaders

Prerequisites for Staff

  • Must have Encampment Credit
  • ATS and NCOS Seminar Leaders should be a graduate from NCOS, BCOC/RCLS, or COS

Application Window

  • Friday 7/28 – Friday 8/11 @2000 hours

Application Details

  • CAP Resume
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) in CAP memorandum format that states:
    • The positions you are applying for in order of preference
    • Your goals for your first choice position
    • The purpose and significance of your first choice in your own words
  • Email both your Resume and LOI in .pdf format as attachments to  and title your attachments in the following format:
    • LastName, FirstName-LOI.pdf
    • LastName, FirstName-Resume.pdf
    • Please copy your unit commander and deputy commander for cadets on that email
  • If interviews are needed, they will be conducted the week of August 13th

Important Dates

  • 9 September Tentative Staff Training Day
  • 18-22 October MLA