From MNWG Announcements:

2022 MNWG Encampment Applications are now open!  Encampment will be held at Camp Ripley from 25 June – 2 July, 2022.  The cost is $262.
Please note that there is one application for the following:
  • MN Encampment Preparatory School (MEPS) – required for cadets under 14 who have not attained C/SSgt
    • MEPS Applications close on 19 April.  If you are required to attend MEPS and do not submit an application by the deadline, you will not be allowed to attend Encampment.
    • MEPS application also includes the Basic Learning Course
  • MN Encampment Basic Learning Course (BLC) – first year students
    • Applications close on 27 May.
  • MN Encampment Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) – second year students
    • Applications close on 27 May.
If you have applied to CEAP, please indicate that by selecting the CEAP option in the MNCAP Form. If you are denied CEAP funding, you will be billed for the remaining at a later date. If you have any questions regarding CEAP, please reach out to your Squadron staff first; if you need further information, please reach out to
To apply you will have two forms – please complete them in order:
Check your application status here.
Please give the Encampment staff 1-2 days to update your application status.
Once your application is submitted, you will have a few pre-arrival tasks.  They are:
  • Upload a completed CAPF 160
  • Upload a completed CAPF 162 (must be filled out by your physician)
  • Upload a copy of the front and back of your insurance cards (medical and pharmacy)
These pre-arrival tasks will be completed through a system called iGrade.
Instructions on this will be sent following the acceptance of your application.
A copy of the forms for you to complete will be emailed to you following acceptance of your application.
Once completed, you will need to manually upload them to the system.DO NOT EMAIL THESE FORMS.  THEY MUST BE UPLOADED TO IGRADE DIRECTLY. 

For more information, please visit the MN Cadet Program Website.  Email with any questions.