The Anoka County Composite Squadron is pleased to introduce the newly selected Cadet Executive Staff Team:

Cadet Commander: C/Capt Kayla Wayman
Executive Officer: C/2dLt Elizabeth Ostenson
Deputy Cadet Commander – C/1stLt Giselle Johnson
Deputy Cadet Commander – C/1stLt Levi Voit

The Cadet Commander position remains a 12-month term from June 2020-May 2021.
To meet program needs and provide more opportunity, the Executive Officer and Deputy Cadet Commander positions for this term are 6 months firm.

Our next step: Applications for remaining Cadet Staff Positions are now open
The next 6 month staff rotation will begin Tues, June 2, 2020 and end on Tues, Nov 24, 2020.

Positions open include

  • Administration
  • Aerospace Education
  • Command NCO
  • Emergency Services
  • First Sergeant
  • Flight Commander
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Leadership
  • Logistics
  • Orientation Flight Coordinator
  • Public Affairs
  • Recruiting & Retention

Note: There are multiple positions available for some categories.
We have 23 staff positions to fillPosition descriptions and responsibilities can be viewed here
We reserve the right to leave positions open should we deem it in the best interest of the squadron.

Applications will close 5/10/20 at 2100.  

Access the online application form hereCadet Staff Application

For this application:
You will need to have two (2) documents created and ready to submit.

1. Resume in a standard format, emphasizing important CAP items.
You may include relevant non-CAP experiences/education. We recommend you create your resume using the Technical Document information in CAPP 60-32 Staff Duty Analysis.

Use a professional template of your choice. If this is your first time applying and you’ve never created a resume before, there are many templates available in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Here’s a sample resume. However, you should customize your resume to fit your own experiences and beliefs that make you an ideal candidate.

Do not submit a resume in memorandum format.
That format is unacceptable and may result in your not being offered an interview slot.

2. CAP Activity narrative
Concisely list your CAP activities in reverse chronological order, labeling them as squadron, wing, region or national activities. Upcoming summer activities you’ve been accepted to may be listed as “upcoming.”
Word or Google Doc format is acceptable. Excel or Google Sheet format may help you organize your information.
See this sample CAP Activity Narrative.(Word/Google Doc Format)
See this sample CAP Activity Narrative template in Google Sheets

Your online application and all documents must be received by 5/10/20 @ 2100 

Link to the online application form

An ideal applicant:

  • Must be a current, active member.
  • Want to serve, learn and build your skills
  • Commit to consistent, timely email communication.

Staffing guidelines:
Staff members are expected to do work outside of Tuesday meeting nights.

All eligible applicants will be assessed on Sat. May 16.
Please block 0830-1300 on your calendar.

At this time, we will conduct virtual interviews only.
Should in-person interviews (including uniform inspections and drill assessments) become authorized, we will address that possibility.

Extenuating circumstances may warrant an alternate interview date.
The interview board will be as reasonably flexible as possible.
However, it is your responsibility to immediately notify Maj Albright and C/Capt Wayman if you have a pre-existing conflict at the time of application.

Important Dates

Sat 5/16 @ 0830-1300 Cadet Staff Interviews & Evaluation
Sat May 30 @ 0830-1200 Required Cadet Staff Training
Sat 8/29 @ 0830-1200 Mid-Term Cadet Staff Training

All dates are subject to modification due to the COVID-19 state and CAP operational directives.
We appreciate your understanding.

See the squadron visual Google Calendar on this page to click on and save these items to your personal calendar.

If you have questions about this application process or serving on staff, please email your questions to Maj. Albright.

Semper Vigilans,

Mary Albright Maj, CAP
Deputy Commander for Cadets