2018 MNWG Encampment Information

Website: www.mncadetprograms.org

What is Encampment?

Encampment is an intense, week-long training program providing foundational training for Civil Air Patrol cadets.  Encampment credit is required to become a cadet officer and earn the Mitchell Award.

What is Encampment Preparatory School (EPS)?

EPS is a weekend experience to give cadets a taste of what Encampment will be like. EPS is required for cadets to attend MNWG Encampment IF the cadet will be 13 or younger AND hold less than C/SSgt grade at the time of Encampment.

Where is Encampment and EPS held? 

Camp Ripley near Little Falls, MN.

All cadets are recommended to attend Encampment at their earliest opportunity.

Encampment Dates:  July 21-28, 2018

Encampment Preparatory School: April 20-22, 2018

What are the costs?

Encampment Prep School has been $30-$40.
Encampment has been $200.  However there is funding for first time attendees through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)

What is the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program?

CEAP is an Air Force Program to help cadet families attend Encampment. Every cadet that has applied in advance has received full Encampment tuition and uniform assistance. The tuition is paid directly to the Wing.  No reimbursement process.  We expect CEAP to open applications in March. This means cadets can attend Encampment for free with CEAP.

Are there any other requirements to attend Encampment?

Cadets must be C/Amn to apply as well as have full ABU/BDU and Blues uniforms.

Questions about Encampment can be directed to Maj Albright