Anoka Composite Squadron Cadet Leadership Rotation Guidelines and Process 
This document will outline the timelines and process for Cadet Leadership Rotation and Staff Selection at Anoka Composite Squadron.

What are the Cadet Leadership positions that are available? See Cadet Staff Descriptions

How often are Cadet Leadership positions selected?

There are two lengths of service that generally apply to Cadet Leadership positions:

1 year – Cadet Commander, Deputy Cadet Commander, Cadet Executive Officer

6 months – All other Cadet Command and Cadet Support Staff positions

Cadet Executive Staff takes office every June.  All other staff positions take office in June and December.  The application window usually opens 2 months before taking office.

How are Cadet Leadership positions selected? 

A Staff Selection process is used to fill Cadet staff positions.

All Cadets will submit the following documentation:

  • CAP Resume and Activity Narrative
  • Detail what position(s) you are applying for and why you think you are the best person for the position.

Cadets applying for Executive, Command and Support Staff will go through a Staff Selection Interview.

What is a CAP Resume?

A CAP Resume outlines your achievements and responsibilities  in CAP.  You can create it in whatever format you like. However, please limit to one page where possible.

What is an Activity Narrative?

This is your list of CAP activities that you have participated in or have upcoming.

  • List activities by category: Unit, Wing, Region, National
  • Within each category, list activities in reverse chronological order. Start with the most recent activity
  • Upcoming events may be added to your Activity Narrative by labeling them (Upcoming)


  • Current information placed at the top
  • Record information immediately after the event
  • Use an easy-to-read style
  • Keep in computer with a back-up
  • CAP Training can also earn college credit so keep all records to support resume.

Here’s an example:

Iam A. Cadet

CAPID 123456


Joined Date: Month Year

How does the Staff Selection Process work?

Once the application window has closed, interview slots will be assigned. Cadets will be contacted with an interview time slot. After all interviews are concluded, staff positions will be assigned and announced.

Who conducts the Staff Selection Interviews?

The Staff Selection Interview Board will minimally consist of the following:

  • Deputy Commander for Cadets
  • Cadet Commander
  • Deputy Cadet Commander
  • Cadet Executive Officer

The exception to the above is the Staff Selection Interview for the Cadet Commander. For that position, the Staff Selection Interview Board will minimally consist of:

  • Squadron Commander
  • Deputy Commander for Cadets
  • Outgoing Cadet Commander

Other senior members may be asked to participate in the Staff Selection Interviews.

What else do I need to know about the Staff Selection Process?

A cadet’s experiences in CAP will be assigned points values.  These values will be taken into account during the staff selection process.

  • Time in CAP – 1 point for each year in CAP (rounded up to full year)
  • Time left in CAP as a cadet
    • 5-9 yrs left – 0 points
    • 4 yrs left – 1 point
    • 3 yrs left – 2 points
    • 2 yrs left – 3 points
    • 1 yr left – 4 points
  • Encampment basic cadet – 1 point
  • Encampment Staff – 1 point for each year served
  • Wing Activity Participation – 1 point for each activity listed on CAP Activity Narrative
  • Squadron Activity Participation – 1 point for each activity outside squadron meeting
    • (eg Color Guard, CyberPatriot, Drill Team, etc.)
  • Squadron Staff – 1 point for each position held
  • National Activity Participation – 2 points for each activity
  • Current Grade
    • Airman (C/Amn, C/A1C, C/SrA) – 1 point
    • NCO (C/SSgt and C/TSgt) – 2 points
    • NCO (C/MSgt, C/SMSgt, C/CMSgt)– 3 points
    • Officer – 4 points

Point total in and of itself will not be the primary criteria used in Staff Selection.  Rather, it will be one tool for the Staff Selection Interview Board to use in selecting staff for each position.

This process is subject to change at the direction of the Squadron Commander.  
For current process questions, please inquire of the Deputy Commander for Cadets.