Color Guard & Cadet Competition

2019 Cadet Competition Team Qualifies for Nationals

What is Color Guard & Cadet Competition?

A Color Guard is a segment of a Cadet Competition team, but may also be a non-competitive team of cadets that raise community awareness by marching in community parades or appearing at community events.

A Color Guard is comprised of 4 members:

  • Senior Flag – US flag bearer
  • Junior Flag – Unit or other flag bearer
  • Senior Rifle – Escorts US flag
  • Junior Rifle – Escorts Unit or other flag

A Color Guard may post the colors at indoor and/or outdoor events.

What is Cadet Competition?

This program showcases cadets who embody all elements of the cadet program: leadership, excellence, teamwork, knowledge and more.

How big is a Cadet Competition team?  6 cadets are required

Is there a minimum grade to participate? Cadets must have earned at least Ach 1, but cadets usually go through a try out process to make the team

What events make up a Cadet Competition? 

At the MNWG level, the following events are included:

  • Indoor Posting of the Colors
  • Outdoor Posting of the Colors
  • Team Leadership Problem
  • Written Exam (leadership, aerospace, drill, and current events)
  • Cadet Physical Fitness Test –  (done at the squadron)
  • Uniform Inspection—(spot inspections and uniform prep)

The top 2 teams will qualify to represent MNWG at the North Central Region Competition (usually held the following spring)

The top 2 teams at the North Central Region Cadet Competition will qualify for an all-expenses paid trip to the National Cadet Competition (usually held in June/July)

To learn more about the Cadet Competition program and its events, please see CAPP 52-4