Cadet Teams

Anoka Composite Squadron Cadet Teams

Purpose: Build teams of cadets that can both create and deliver basic training for Phase I cadets and participate in advanced training for themselves while advancing the squadron as a whole.

Teams will meet during the main squadron class time (after flight time).  During team time, the following loose agenda will be used:

  1. Review last class the team executed.  What worked well. What to improve on.
  2. Review next class coming up. Is everything ready? Discuss needs.
  3. Work on advanced training specific to the team

When will Teams meet?

Teams will meet on the 1st and 2nd Tuesdays of the month during the main class period. They will meet upstairs in the New Conference Room (old Admin room), the Sea Cadet Office, or part of the main Upper Classroom.  Space will be determined by team size. If your team can meet outside, you may use outside space.

3rd Tuesday (generally PT)  will be optional and at the discretion of the team leader. No team meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday.  All cadets will attend the Character Development class on 4th Tuesdays.

Who can be on a Team?

All C/SSgts and above are required to be on at least one team. When a cadet earns the Wright Brothers Award, he or she will be assigned to a team.

How long am I on a team?

Cadets shall be members of a team during the 6 month staff rotation.  If you promote to C/SSgt in the middle of a rotation, you will serve out the term with your assigned team.  At staff rotations, cadets will have the opportunity to switch or add themselves to a team.   

Can I be a member of multiple teams?

Possibly.  Given the nature of the advanced training, multiple team membership may not be possible or in the best interest of the individual and the squadron. Please check with Major Albright.

Who are the Team Leaders responsible to in the chain of command?

Team Leaders hold cadet support staff positions and as such report to the Cadet Executive Officer.   Team members will be responsible to the Team Leaders.

Cadet Teams to be formed:

Aerospace Education.  Team Lead: Cadet AE

Cadets on this team will be responsible for executing AE classes.  On AE night, one member of the team will lead the basic class for Phase I cadets or be the facilitator when a guest speaker/instructor is coming in.  Advanced training could include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Orientation flight activity scheduling and planning
  • CyberPatriot practice/inquiry/planning
  • Stellar Xplorers practice/inquiry/planning
  • Pilot Ground School study and mentoring
  • Aerospace topics discussion
  • Aerospace Lock In planning and discussion
  • Rocketry Badge and Launch planning and discussion
  • STEM kit exploration

Emergency Services.  Team Lead: Cadet ES

Cadets on this team will be responsible for executing ES training. On ES nights, one member of the team will lead the basic class for Phase I cadets or be part of a cadet & senior team leading training.  Leaders of the class may need to be brought in depending on skills that need signing off.   Advanced training could include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Communications and radio training
  • Ground Team Member (GTM) skill practice and sign off
  • Air show planning and discussion
  • UBX planning and discussion
  • SAREX planning and discussion
  • Other operations planning and discussion

Public Affairs.  Team Lead: Primary Cadet PAO

Cadets on this team will work on getting the word out in the community about the Anoka Composite Squadron.  Activities can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Editing photos
  • Posting photos to the newly created Facebook Page
  • Creating an editorial calendar for the Facebook Page
  • Writing short articles featuring the activities of the Anoka Squadron to be placed on the Blog and/or Facebook Page
  • Learning to use Canva, a cloud based graphic design software system
  • Learning the basics of professional usage of social media
  • Recruiting & Retention will be co-lead on the Public Affairs Team
    • R&R Activities will include Join CAP Nights, Color Guard Publicity, Weekly Mtg Attendance Management

Leadership.  Team Lead. Leadership Officer

Cadets on this team will discuss leadership topics and be responsible for the Leadership Minute to be delivered on the 3rd Tuesday during announcements.  Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership study groups and discussion topics
  • Admin: Filing drill test and CAPF 50 paperwork
  • New Cadet Orientation:  eServices walk-through.Uniforms.  
  • Wingman Course for new cadets

Can other teams be formed?

If you have an idea for a team, please speak with the Cadet Executive Officer about your idea. Team expansion will be discussed at the executive level before a decision will be made.