Anoka Composite Squadron Uniform Policy (Nov 2015)

This policy outlines how uniforms and uniform items such as insignia, ribbons, covers, ribbon racks and other uniform accessory items are handled at the Anoka Composite Squadron and the responsibilities of the individual member when it comes to uniforms and uniform items.


The Civil Air Patrol has two uniforms for cadets:  Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs) and Blues.

All uniforms and uniform items are the responsibility of the individual member.

ABU Blouses and Pants will be issued to every member pending size availability.  If Anoka does not have your size, we will inquire with the MN Wing Logistics Officer. If those sources do not have your size, it is your responsibility to acquire these items.

See the Cadet Uniform Items List sheets in this packet for detailed breakdowns on what items are needed and the How to Wear Your Uniform section in the New Cadet Handbook.

Uniforms can be purchased directly from Vanguard, the Civil Air Patrol’s official supplier.
Members can choose to purchase from other sources (CC Military or other military surplus) locally.

Uniforms in the Logistics Supply Room

Uniform items in the supply room are used for two purposes:

  1. Allow members to try certain sizes on prior to ordering a primary uniform
  2. If a member wishes to use a second set of uniforms, he/she can inquire with Logistics.

There are no guarantees that a second set of uniforms can be issued as the range of size availability is inconsistent.

Promotions, New Insignia and Ribbons

When you are ready to promote, it is your responsibility to have purchased the insignia and bring it to the meeting in order to have your pinning ceremony.   Place your insignia in your pocket and after you report, take your insignia out of your pocket and hand it to the people who will be pinning you.  Ribbons are also the responsibility of the member.


While supplies last, the Anoka Composite Squadron will issue a ribbon to cadets as they earn them through promotion.  However, it’s the responsibility of the member to inquire if ribbons are available.

Purchasing Insignia and Ribbons from Logistics and Supply

Logistics does have some insignia and ribbons (both new and used) available for purchase at the squadron.  Check with the Logistics Officer for the most up to date inventory and price sheet.

Cadet Uniform Items List

Members are responsible for uniform items.
New Members may want to order the following packs from Vanguard, Civil Air Patrol’s uniform supplier.

Recommended first purchase:  ABU Accessory Pack and Phase I Pack

ABU Accessory Pack      $27.60
Phase I Pack                    $41.90
Total   $69.50
Does not include tax
Because the Vanguard portion of this order is over $35, you are eligible for free shipping.

ABU Accessory Pack Price SKU
Wing Patch $2.30 CAP0637V
Civil Air Patrol Tape $1.50 CAP6403
Name Tape $4.30 CAP6402
Tan Rigger Belt $9.50 2510700
ABU Cover $10.00 CAP0991U

ABU Accessory Pack Total: $27.60

Other items needed for ABUs include:  Solid Desert Sand t-shirt ($5 in Logistics) or squadron t-shirt, black boot socks, black combat boots.

Phase I Pack

This will give you the insignia, ribbons and ribbons racks* for the achievements in Phase I.  Phase I includes the first four (4) cadet promotions.

Insignia Price SKU Ribbons Price SKU Ribbon Racks* Price SKU
C/Amn $6.65 CAP0646L Curry $1.30 CAP0609 Single $1.20 7720400
C/A1C $7.55 CAP0646K Arnold $1.30 CAP0605 Double $1.40 7720500
C/SrA $7.55 CAP0646J Feik $1.30 CAP0602 3 ribbon $1.50 7720600
C/SSgt $7.85 CAP0646I Wright Bros $1.30 CAP0601 4 Ribbon $3.00 7712600

Total Phase I Pack: $41.90

Blues Uniform Items – Female Price SKU Blues Uniform Items – Male Price SKU
Airman Flight Cap – Female $19.45 CAP1015J Airman Flight Cap – Male $19.45 CAP0994K
Aiman Flight Cap Device $6.50 CAP0748A Airman Flight Cap Device $6.50 CAP0748A
Female Short Sleeve Blouse $47.50 CAP1017 Male Short Sleeve Blouse $47.50 CAP1001A
Female Trousers $54.00 CAP3500A Male Trousers $59.40 CAP0993B
Blue Belt (elastic) w/Silver buckle & tip $16.45 2500550 Blue Belt (cotton) w/Silver buckle& tip $16.90 25000500
CAP Name Plate: Cadet $3.80 CAP0599M CAP Name Plate: Cadet $3.80 CAP0599M

Total Blues Uniform Female: $147.70                                        Total Blues Uniform Male: $153.55

Note: Once cadets earn their first promotion, CAPNHQ will email the cadet a $100 voucher to be used toward the purchase of specific Blues uniform items with Vanguard. Uniform size charts:

Phase II Pack

This will give you the insignia, ribbons and ribbon racks* for the achievements of Phase II.

Insignia Price SKU Ribbons Price SKU Ribbon Racks Price SKU
C/TSgt $8.10 CAP0646H Rickenbacker $1.30 CAP0613 5 Ribbon $3.15 7712650
C/MSgt $8.90 CAP0646G Lindbergh $1.30 CAP0611 6 Ribbon (2 rows) $3.20 7712700
C/SMSgt $9.70 CAP0645 Doolittle $1.30 CAP0603 7 Ribbon $3.45 7712750
C/CMSgt $11.55 CAP0645B Goddard $1.30 CAP0607 8 Ribbon $3.55 7712800
Deadrank (no new insignia) Armstrong $1.30 CAP0614 9 Ribbon $3.65 7712850

Total Phase II Pack: $61.75


Pricing does not include tax or shipping and was current on November 8, 2015.  Check for most current pricing.

– Vanguard will offer free shipping with $35 order (before tax and shipping).
– Sign up for Vanguard’s email newsletter and each month you get a 10% coupon code.
*If your cadet earns ribbons outside promotion achievements (eg Encampment, etc) , he/she will need a larger ribbon rack