Please read entirely to understand the process and be prepared.

Cadet Executive Staff positions are a 12-month term (June 2018-May 2019)

Positions that can be applied for include:

  • Cadet Commander
  • Deputy Cadet Commander
  • Cadet Executive Officer

Position descriptions and responsibilities can be viewed here at

Applications will close 4/22/18.  There will not be an extension.
All cadets are receiving this message so you can plan ahead and be prepared.

For this application:
You will need to have a CAP Resume Package created and ready to submit.

Your CAP Resume Package should include two sections:
– Resume in a typical format, emphasizing important CAP experiences/education. You may include relevant non-CAP experiences/education
– CAP Activity narrative: Concisely list your CAP activities in reverse chronological order, labeling them as squadron, wing, region or national activities. Upcoming summer activities you’ve been accepted to may be listed as “upcoming.”

Both the application and your resume must be received by the 4/22/18 deadline.
No exceptions will be made.

Link to the Online Application Form

Minimum applicant requirements:

  • Must be a member in good standing. Earned a minimum of 2 promotions in the last 12 months
  • Must be a current, active member. 
  • There is no minimum grade required to apply, though cadet officers are preferred

Staffing guidelines:
The Cadet Executive Staff are expected to do a significant amount of work, planning and communication outside squadron meeting nights for the term.

The squadron leadership reserves the right to not fill all available executive staff positions should we deem it to be in the best interest of the squadron.

All eligible applicants will interview on Tues. April 24 beginning at 1730.
Extenuating circumstances may warrant an alternate interview date. The interview board will be as reasonably flexible as possible.

If you intend to apply for Cadet Executive Staff and have a conflict, take personal responsibility and notify Maj Albright immediately.

Link to the Online Application Form

Important Dates for Executive Staff.

Mon 4/30 @ 6pm Cadet Exec Staff Planning Session (to be confirmed once staff selections complete)
Sat 5/12 @ 0830 Cadet Staff Interviews
Sat 5/19 @ 0830 Required Cadet Staff Training

See the squadron visual Google Calendar on this page to click on and save these items to your personal calendar.

If you have questions about this application process or serving on Cadet Exec Staff, please email your questions to Maj. Albright.