From Major Ellen Browning

I wanted to send out a reminder to all cadets interested in being cadre or attending as students next year of some certain requirements.

  1. We will again be requiring the CAPF162: Physical Exam Form for all cadets.  This requires a doctor or nurse perform a physical, similar to a sports physical.  The form is good for up to a year, so if you are going in for a school sports physical, annual physical, or other reason, bring this form with you and have it completed.
  1. There are specific requirements for cadet cadre listed in the OI Cadre Selection.  You should read it all, but some highlights are:

Two promotions before EPS.  One must be before cadre selection exercise. (Feb time frame)

  • To be eligible to serve as cadre, you must be at least the following before EPS
  • A C/SSgt to be on staff.
  • A C/MSgt to be a first sergeant or flight sergeant.
  • A C/CMSgt to be the command chief (April-June time frame)
  • A C/Capt to be executive staff officer, Sq/CC, C/CDA (formerly ALC/CC).
  • If you want to be CTG Commander, you must be a C/Capt by the close of CTG CC applications. (Dec-Jan time frame)
  • If you want to be a Sq/CC or C/DCA, you must be a C/1lt by the close of the executive cadre application process.  (Dec-Jan time frame)
  • All cadre applicants must complete ICUT online course before Cadre Selection Exercise (CSE).  We will provide the practical portion at CTW.
  • All cadre applicants must complete Basic and Intermediate Operational Risk Management before CSE.

Any exceptions to these requirements must have commandant approval.  For cadet officers, this must be in CAP Memorandum Format IAW CAPR10-1.  For NCOs, an e-mail is acceptable.

  1. There is a test at Cadre Selection Exercise.  25% of it is on CAPP52-24 and 25% is on the encampment operating instructions that relate to cadets.

All the Operating Instructions are located here:

  1. This year, executive cadre applications will work differently than in past years. Leadership Officer and Head of Dining will part of the executive cadre applications. Command chief will be hired during the CSE.

We are looking forward to a great 20th CTG.  I started preparing for it months ago.  The time to start your prep work is now!