The following training sessions will be offered at the 2019 MNWG Conference

April 26-28, 2019 at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd, MN

Training Sessions

First Aid Training – 1Lt Greg Jorvig
If you are looking to become Emergency Services qualified, join us on Friday afternoon for your first aid training.  This course will complete the qualification in eServices and allow you to print your First Aid card.


Why NCOs in CAP? – MSgt John Vanderhoof
The CAP NCO Corps is a diverse group of individuals, each bringing unique professional knowledge, skills, and abilities they have attained in their years of military service.  We will discuss the NCO’s role in today’s Civil Air Patrol. Commanders at all levels and those interested in joining the NCO corps are encouraged to attend. – 1 hour


Looking Sharp in Uniform – MSgt Jon Vanderhoof
We will discuss the myriad CAP uniform combinations available today. A review of the uniform manual, general wear policy, and grooming standards are just a few of the items to be discussed. – 1 hour


Squadron Finance – Capt Bruce Anthony
Practical information for squadron commanders and finance officers on complying with Wing and National finance requirements. – 1 hour


“Planning Epic Squadron Field Trips” – Maj Will Craig
Do your cadets want to visit the Museum of the USAF?
Sleep under the wing of an SR-71 at the SAC Museum?
What’s stopping them?
This breakout session will cover the how-tos of planning an epic squadron field trip:
• How to avoid planning pitfalls
• How to set the budget and fundraising targets
• How to get buy-in from your members
• How to handle logistics on the trip


Learn the present status of Wing Communications – Lt Col Ron MacCarthy
Topics include setting up a VHF radio at home with minimal disruptions to infrastructure.  Looking for HF radio hosts.  Concepts for communications at an incident command post.  What happens when the infrastructure goes down?  Tying it all together. – 1 hour


5th Annual RC Flight Competition – Lt Col Paul Prior
Every Year, this annual competition has grown in popularity. The object of this competition is to fly your simulated aircraft around a virtual windsock pole and have the aircraft reusable and without damage . . . Safety First.  If your aircraft is damaged – your time does not count.
There will be separate First, Second and Third Place trophies for both Cadet and Senior Members with the lowest elapsed times to complete the mission.


Aerospace Education Reporting Explained! – Lt Col Paul Prior
Learn the “Do’s and Don’ts,” and tips and tricks of Aerospace Education Reporting. This session is a great opportunity for Unit Aerospace Education Officers, Assistants, and Unit Commanders.  – 1 hour


CAP Aerospace/STEM Education Program Kits – Lt Col Paul Prior
Learn about 15 fun and free Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Program Kits and engaging products and programs available to our members and to classrooms throughout the nation. Discover how to navigate the online ordering and evaluation process.  – 1 hour
Bonus:  Attendees will receive unpublished Weather STEM Kit specific curriculum.


Learn how to properly and quickly close discrepancies from your SUI.  We’ll review common discrepancies and show you what the IG needs to close your SUI.   Come with questions! – 1 hour


Logistics – Lt Col Bill Rutten
Discussion points to include Vehicle maintenance issues, EFS Shell credit card for vehicle and air, Inventory questions, WMIRS issues, the new POV restriction and requirements for reimbursement, reimbursement procedures on an Air Force Assigned  Mission (AFAM) (19-A-xxxx – 19-T-xxxx or 19-M-xxxx), reimbursement on a Wing Mission (19-C-xxxx), differences between “Drop-off”, “Pickup” and “Crew” maintenance sorties. – 1 hour


Recruiting & Retention – 1Lt Dennis Swanson
Growth as a wing, as a squadron, and as an RRO – 1 hour


External Aerospace Education – 1Lt Dennis Swanson
Recruiting and Assisting Nearby AEMs – 1 hour


“A Neoteric Look at the Public Affairs Function” – Capt Randall S. Knox
This breakout session will be hosted by the newly appointed Wing Public Affairs Officer (PAO) who comes to the position relatively unencumbered with a history of “the way things have always been done.”  After a brief overview of the CAP Public Affairs (PA) guidance directives, this breakout session will focus on contemporary technologies available to the PAO to inform internal and external audiences of CAP’s national importance. – 1 hour


Evaluation of Standardized Procedures – Lt Col Jo Ellen Peters
Evaluate how the Standardized Procedures are working? Are we using them? If not, why? Understanding and using the annual Proficiency Flying mission and the Flight Clinic mission. Are Form 5’s being conducted with proficiency as our standard?  – 1 hour


Operations 1 – Maj Dale Armstrong
what we completed during 2018, what change should we expect in 2019.  How can we as pilots (and crews) better support the CAP.


Operations 2 – Lt Col Dave Skaar
Requirements of WMIRS, and ops reports.


So You Are an Admin Officer; Now What? – Lt Col Gerry Rosenzweig
 A discussion of the duties and responsibilities of CAP Administrative Officers as outlined in CAPR 20-1(I), the Administrative Officer Specialty Track Guide and other CAP publications.  We will also look at what it takes to advance in the Admin Specialty Track.


Small UAS program for CAP – Maj Thomas Fitzhenry
Learn about the new CAP sUAS program.  I will discuss who can be involved, the requirements, and the airframes that CAP will be using.  If weather and time permits, there also will be a demo flight.  This session is for all members regardless of age.


DDR – Lt Col Donald Raleigh
Did you know that on average about 2,200 people in the United States die annually from illegal drug use?  The CAP DDR program is helping to reduce this illegal drug death rate through education and training.  Our proud tradition of performing missions for America can be extended at each of our squadrons and their communities by reaching out and helping to educate our young citizens on creating a drug-free environment that promotes and supports education, community involvement, and social responsibility.
This session is for Senior Members and Cadets. Join this session and find out more about the CAP DDR mission and how you can be an active participant! – 1 hour


DDR Fun Session – Lt Col Bonnie Braun
Cadets, will you make the right choice?  Do you want a class with snacks, prizes, and fun? This is the class for you.


Cadets – Phase 1 & 2 – Lt Col Ellen Browning
Discuss opportunities in the wing and beyond in the cadet programs. Q & A with current Phase 4 cadets. – 1 hour


Cadets – Phase 3 & 4 – Lt Col Ellen Browning
Discuss the best practices and share ideas for the wing. – 1 hour


Cadets Wing Leadership Problem Activity – Lt Col Ellen Browning
An interactive activity that focuses on teamwork, leadership, and communication in a fun way involving the wing. – 1 hour


An Overview of the IACE Program – C/LtCol Alexander Dvorak
Come and see what IACE in the UK is like from a 2018 attendee. We will discuss the trip and itinerary and then talk about the application process, how to be a strong applicant, and will end with a question-answer session.


T. Q. S.  //   What makes for a Total Quality Squadron? – Capt Richard Chronis
Join in the discussion with what you have learned and hear what experts have to say as well.   All Seniors and Cadets are encouraged to attend. – 1 hour

Model Rocketry – Capt Aymond Majkrzak

A presentation of the history and scientific aspects of rocketry by covering the material needed to fulfill the requirements for the CAP Model Rocketry Badge.  This will be a powerpoint presentation with a printed handout and should permit CAP Cadets to complete the written tests (either online or printed) for the Redstone, Titan, and Saturn portions of the requirements.  Several small and mid-scale rocket models with (old, spent) engines will be demonstrated.


Astrophotography – Capt Aymond Majkrzak
PowerPoint presentation of approximately 50 astrophotographs I have taken since 1964 including lunar, planetary, constellations, nebulas, star clusters, northern lights, comets, etc.  Plan to demonstrate how to do beginning Astrophotography with digital or film cameras, plus adapting cameras to telescopes or using telephoto lenses and star trackers.


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