Please nominate your fellow squadron members.

Nomination form

Use this form to nominate your fellow squadron members for their CAP work for the 2017 calendar year. We want YOUR input so we can recognize the work of your peers.

You can nominate any Anoka squadron member for any award you feel they deserve. While it’s ideal that your nominee hold the position they are being nominated for, it’s not required. Often, you see members giving their time and talents in multiple areas.

You can submit multiple nominations. PLEASE DO SO. Don’t assume someone else will take care of it. Take the few minutes to submit your thoughts. Recognition is the only pay members receive.



These awards are primarily for members who hold or have held the duty position at some point in 2017.

The squadron recipients will be the likely Anoka nominee for Wing level awards.
Please be detailed in why you think they deserve the award.

Aerospace Education Officer of The Year
Administration Officer of the Year
Cadet Programs Officer of the Year
Chaplain of the Year
Communications Officer of the Year
Emergency Services Officer of The Year
Finance Officer of the Year
Historian of the Year
Logistics Officer of the Year
Operations Officer of the Year
Personnel Officer of the Year
Professional Development Officer of the Year
Public Affairs Officer of the Year
Recruiting & Retention Officer of the Year
Safety Officer of the Year
Standardization & Evaluation Officer of the Year

Senior Member of the Year
Cadet Member of the Year

Family of the Year

Family of the Year is unique in that not all family members have to be CAP members.
Maybe the family supports Blue Moon nights, helps with carpools, or supports behind the scenes.

Current Senior Staff listing:
Current Cadet Staff listing:


In addition to the official awards in the previous section, we want YOU to recognize your peers. Nominate a fellow CAP member (or yourself) for any of the awards below.

Wingman Award
You can count on this person to be supportive and enthusiastic at the drop of a hat. Whenever anyone needs a bit of support and encouragement, this person is always there.

Phoenix Award
The person you feel exemplifies the greatest leadership skill. Who is the most motivated to succeed and that shows forth in everything they do.

Think there’s someone who should be recognized that doesn’t exactly fit something listed?
Please submit that information in the Additional Squadron Awards Section.

Questions? Email Maj Albright at